Committee Chair Descriptions

Volunteer Coordinator– This person is responsible for creating our volunteer spreadsheet, sending all sign up genius to volunteers.  Communicate about upcoming events where volunteers or items are needed utilizing social media, website and flyers throughout school.

Social Chair –  A volunteer that can help promote our school PTO events on social media, putting out flyers out in the community, reaching out to parents at the school to promote events, help partner the school with local businesses.

School Dance– Set up theme, crafts, food , dj, flyers for event, communicate with volunteer coordinator and get several volunteers for set up, event and breakdown

Spring Fundraiser- Set up theme, crafts, handle food ordered, dj, flyers for event, communicate with volunteer coordinator and get several volunteers for set up, event and breakdown.

Boosterthon – Prepare with theme to decorate all hallways, entrance, gymnasium, cafeteria, atrium. set up to do a reveal for the Friday before Monday 31st for Pep Rally. Communicate with the staff prior to kickoff and throughout the fundraiser for leading classrooms, total collection, schedule volunteers to be present for huddles.

Grade Level Chairs– We have 1 volunteer per grade level, this volunteer will be our communication between the PTO and the staff. Rather than having classroom moms a grade level volunteer can reach out to the small group of teachers for questions, concerns, and opinions. This grade level volunteer may put out collections, decorate hallways or doors.

Teacher Appreciation-

Teacher of the Month- Jennifer Thompson& Jennifer Reeves

Terrific Kids- Melanie Otwell * SHE NEEDS 1 VOLUNTEER TO CO-CHAIR set up 4 times a year for breakfast 6:45am-8:30am. Shop Sams with Melanie prior to event. Menu is set by Ms. Williams.


Here are the Committees Chairs for school year 2016-2017:

Classroom Volunteers – Lisa Russell

Grade Level Classroom:

Kindergarten – Jennifer Thompson

1st Grade – Leigh Anne Lee

2nd Grade – Jennifer Thompson

3rd Grade – Jennifer Reeves

4th Grade – Tanya Loseke

5th Grade – Leigh Anne Lee

12 Days of Christmas – Anita Neville

Beautification – Leigh Anne Lee

Boosterthon – Cari Jo Howell

Box Tops – Katie Caputi

Hospitality – Kerri Lowery

Spirit Night – Kristen Morrissey

Teacher Appreciation – NEED A CHAIR PERSON

Terrific Kids – Melanie Otwell

Welcome Committee – Meghann Johnson

Spirit Rock – Kerri Lowery

Newsletter – Cheryl Land

Please email wxwvolunteers@gmailcom if you are interested in helping with one of the above committees.

Thank you for your support!






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